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20 October, 2020


Design Trends , Project

The Future Workplace develops in many forms and becomes a platform for collaboration, interaction and inspiration. The “Neighbourhood” work style, comfortable environment and relaxing ambience are the elements of Lamex Workplace Solution for the future. HQGK Design creates the new Lamex Workplace Center in Nanjing to express their chase for innovation, diversity, collaboration and health.

Designers: Kevin Lin, Julian Zhu
Location: Nanjing, China
Size: 500 sq meters
Photos: Sam
Keywords: Collaboration, Interaction, Health

The Lobby
For the warm and collaborative

The unrefined ceiling style and the exposed pipelines restore the original appearance of the building.  The partial decoration of the ceiling makes the dynamic flow of showroom smoothly.  With the advancement of smart devices and technologies, there is no reception in the lobby. Instead, the design team set up a Perch sofa to create a relaxing and welcoming ambience in the lobby area.

Perch sofa – Collaborative Area with a comfortable and relaxing ambience

Perch sofa in the collaborative area creates a relaxing environment for any activity like enjoying a warm coffee in the morning, social sharing in the afternoon or a brain-storming moment in the evening. The addition of colony coffee table intertwined with the environment, permeated with an open and friendly atmosphere where everyone can comfortably interact.

The dynamic work area for the community
Enjoy the collaborative area

The ceiling lighting is a decent arrangement for natural and soft lighting effect for the whole area, which also provides the functions of division and direction. A large area of ​​glass partitions are used to divide the area to create virtual space to provide a sense of privacy and fantasy. The reflection effects make furniture extend, distort and reshape in visions and present the beauty of the furniture in an innovative way. In this area, we can see that the mono-functional work mode is replaced by dynamic work mode to create a community workplace.

Coffee break, Power Recharge, and Quick Meal on Common High Tables

Common High Table, a stylish high table featured with 12 USB slots and 2 set of modular sockets, it can be used as a sharing table and island bar table for social interaction. Match with Please high chair featuring the elegant solid wood feet, it makes to be the happy coffee break…

The Indigo/Ink color matching with furniture creates a rich spatial sense of hierarchy. The flexible and dynamic workplace design and furniture planning simulate the actual workplace environment where people can experience the professionalism and aesthetic of the workplace.  The colorful striped fabric of Meta sofa and the smart This and That One side table add colorful and interesting visual element in the environment.

The “Third” Area in the community
Focus & Collaboration

In a diversified society, we need to balance "work" and "life", "focus" and "collaboration". Meta Octagon sofa is designed to support team collaboration. The half-height backrest design provides relative privacy, while the extension table at the back allows you to sit or stand for communication and collaboration.

Ingage, designed by Mr. Steve Meier, the design director of Gensler in Chicago, USA. Ingage is inspired by the natural shape and curve of cobblestone, and designed to create a comfort and tranquillity ambience working environment.

Lamex Workplace Center in Nanjing demonstrates the needs of modern workplace elements and visual effects of workplace design, presenting how the design of each space meets the needs of different communities. Lamex is thrived to create a workplace from corporations to communities for customers. The future workplace will evolve to work community to improve work efficiency and performance and foster learning, collaboration, problem-solving and social interaction.

Lamex creates community working environment and makes use of Activity Based Working (ABW). We invite you to have a guided tour to experience our workplace center.

Address: Suning Huigu, Qinghe Road, Gulou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Contact number for a guided tour: 4006868073/ 4006180798