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10 September, 2020



This is an interview by a Chinese Media - OfficeUnion. The Design Director of Lamex, Mr. Marc Fong was invited as the guest speaker of the 30th episode of "Face to Face". Lamex is a well-known brand of office furniture solutions, and also a passionate and inspirational creator who is dedicated to continuously improve work-life balance of people and foster the collaborations and creativity of corporate.

Mr. Marc Fong has joined Lamex as the Design Director since 2018, and has launched the modern workplace concept – “Neighborhoods”. His creations - Perch Sofa and Longhouse Workplace Solution have won KAPOK Product Design Awards in 2018 and 2019 separately.

In this episode of “Face to Face”, we have invited Mr. Marc Fong, the Design Director of Lamex, to share his views on how community and technology create extraordinary companies.

The importance of a workplace - Condense the community spirit

Confronting to the current pandemic crisis and the uncertain economic situation, people have realized the feasibility and convenience of Work-From-Home. It is driving lots of opinions in the office furniture industry that Work-From-Office may soon be replaced by Work-From-Home.

According to Marc, he believes that offices still exist in the future, and the office is going to experience a mega revolution.

The innate human needs for social connections will never change. When people work together across the offices like families, companies will flourish.

Working from home for prolonged period erodes our social bonds and community spirit, and we lose touch with the pulse of the organization.

Face-To-Face working is able to strengthen the social connection, promote collaboration and mend friction.


Marc believes that there are 2 major elements to shape up our future workplaces.


Managers are community builders, engaging everyone else towards business goals, without waiting for top-down instructions. It will lead to vigorous corporate community and increase work enthusiasm.

Enabling community powered performance is the reason why Lamex introduced Longhouse – our new innovative furniture solution.  Longhouse integrates individual workspaces with community spaces.  It has standing social tables – similar to a bar table – supporting collaboration. And cosy community pavilions, to get a coffee and catch up.


Technology is the second major element that shape up the development of future workplaces. Our office evolution is a remarkable timeline narration of equipment and technology advances. The rise of smart phones, cloud storage and virtual meeting technologies enable people to work anywhere and anytime.

The Playces collection by Lamex was created for work anytime anywhere – office, home, hotel or airport lounge, our neighborhood cafe.

Playces is an evolving collection of sofa, chairs, tables and screens combined with convenient power charging, remote collaboration tools and changing work technology. Creating comfortable pockets for the community to come together, for work, play or simply to rest and recover.


When we thrive as a work community, so would the companies we work for. The “Neighborhood” community workplace concept creates the ideal working atmosphere that helps corporate on rapid development.