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24 November, 2020



How a corporate attracts and retains talents? The creation of an attractive workplace is able to do the trick. A dynamic, comfortable and active workplace illustrates the corporate culture, strengthens employees’ sense of belonging and attracts new talents to join the company. So, it is time to say goodbye to those light tubes, beige walls and high partitions. Let’s find out how we can create a professional and dynamic workplace!

Collaborative Area

The social collaborative area in the style of a café or a restaurant is becoming the main trend of modern workplace design. By using different natural elements like woods and natural lighting, it makes a workplace vivid and warm. The embellishment of orange colour brings enthusiasm to the collaborative area, while the warm colour is able to stimulate people’s brain activities and blood flow, which help people to collaborate and communicate. It also helps employees to connect with each other in the company.

The customized trapezoid multi-functional tables enlighten the collaborative area with outstanding look and functions. It can disperse and regroup to form different configurations in a short period of times to fit for different activities, which highlights the innovative brand personality and fosters the creativity of employees. With the mobility provided by the endurable castors, it is able to support different meetings anytime and anywhere.

A comfortable and ergonomic chair is important to provide cares for employees. The chairs in the collaborative area are ensured equally comfortable. The Lyric multi-functional chair is created made of comfortable material that helps adapt to body movement, distribute weight and relieve stress. The shape of Lyric is minimal and versatile and the unique porous design of the chair back keeps a cool feeling for our backs. Lyric is able to fit into any interior to support a comfortable and relaxing coffee break, lunch time or a quick meeting.

The ideal collaborative area requires versatility to respond to the diverse needs of employees, whereby people are encouraged to actively collaborate and communicate but also able to focus on work or discussions. Lamex provides a solution with Lumin phone booth, Meta Cabin and  customized social high tables, to create a friendly and inclusive environment where people can do private phone calls, relax and have meetings with clients.

Working Area

The the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of employees is one of the best rewards of workplace planning. It is because it has proven the reinforcement of the sense of belonging and the illustration of a community. The optimization of the workplace is achieved from individual areas to team and collaborative areas, while not compromising the privacy of individuals. Each functional area is independent but connected. It satisfies the human needs of the employees and stimulates their sense of belonging.

The Avail Open Office Solution and Ingage Connected Office Solution are designed to create working areas, collaborative areas, administrative areas and rest areas for different employees and activities. They ensure a perfect balancing the diverse needs of focus works and collaborations. The clever use of blue, green and yellow colours on furniture adds vitality to the overall space and creates a rich sense of spatial hierarchy for the workplace.

The exquisite design of Liquid brings artistic sensation into the workplace. Its soft curves and pleasing contours, and the wide range of material and colours selection offer visual aesthetics that match any workplace. The ergonomic feature also provides all-round support for daily activities.

Meeting Area

The grey tone in the meeting room may remind you of monotony. But the use of warm wood and grey furniture help create a perfect elite look, while pairing with shades of carpet features a sense of modernity.

In the digital era, the open or semi-open or enclosed meeting spaces should be equipped with advanced communication technology and video conferencing tools to enable the boundless communication between employees. The large conference table that can accommodate 20 persons is suitable for team meetings and trainings. The Plaza chair of grey tone with refined armrests match with the conference table and the interior sensation.

A great workplace planning needs to adapt to local conditions and support dynamic activities within the company, such as brainstorming and group discussions. The customized “D-shaped” meeting table and the foldable and moveable training tables are able to cater for different sizes of group meetings, training and learning. People do not need to line up for meeting rooms and instead they can utilize space to create different configurations to support their activities.

In the current society, speed and information are the key factors toward success. Works has occupied more than 50% of our daily activities. While work and lives boundaries are blurred that makes the modern workplaces tend to be more dynamic, the traditional working styles and workplace no longer satisfy employees. In a community-liked workplace, we can see how a successful brand expresses corporate culture and supports the diverse development of their employees by workplace planning and the smart use of colours. Focus works, rest and collaborations should be harmoniously blends into every corner of the workplace.