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5 August, 2022



On July 26, 2022, the 2030+ International Future Office Exhibition (IFO) was grandly opened at the 49th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair.

At the opening ceremony venue, nearly 100 leaders and guests from well-known domestic and foreign brand enterprises, local governments, furniture associations, Lamex and other furniture brands, and media gathered together to witness the opening of The 2030+ International Future Office Exhibition.

Ms. Tu Qi, vice chairman and secretary-general of China National Furniture Association, is the chief planner of this IFO exhibition. She said that the 2030+ International Future Office Exhibition has grown from an "oasis" and expanded in the "Breathe" under supports of leadership.  This year the theme came to “Hyper Dimensions” which is to slice the era from time dimension, space dimension, and wisdom dimension. The entire exhibition is divided into six exhibition areas to demonstrate infinite possibilities of future workspace.  IFO will continue to create and lead a office trend along with the furniture industry.

Lamex participated in “Primitive Force” section, adhering to the new design concept “creating a Multi Experiential Workplace” proposed by Lamex in 2022 that fosters collaboration, sharing, creativity and productivity.  The Lamex exhibition area has been visited by many leaders and a large number of customers, and has been highly praised.

Lamex creates “Multi Experiential Workplace”

Lamex has created a new form of workplace and advocated Multi Experiential Workplace.  This concept aligned with the theme of IFO, which interprets future workspace in hyper dimensions. The Lamex exhibition area is designed a landscape of many variable settings, each delivering a micro experience tailored to serve work activities, enhance work outcomes from creativity to speed in problem-solving and sustaining enjoyment of the work journey. Lamex hopes to show a smart, freely, and wellness workspace at IFO in 2022 to provide a new experience to customers.

Lamex Received Honors from China National Furniture Association

The exhibition also successfully held a meeting of the Office Furniture Professional Committee of China National Furniture Association. The meeting voted and passed the relevant adjustments to the working regulations of the Office Furniture Professional Committee. At the same time, Lamex is honored to be re-elected as the Executive Director (Executive Chairman) unit of CNFA in order to continue to make contributions to the furniture industry.  Mr. Terence Shea, vice president of Lamex, accepted this honor and certificates on behalf of Lamex from vice chairman of China National Furniture Association, Tu Qi.

In addition, CNFA issued the honorary certificate of "2021-2022 China Office Furniture Brand Demonstration Enterprise" to the enterprises that actively participated in the industry and association work and contributed to the prosperity and development of the industry in the previous year. Vice Chairman Zhang Bingbing and Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Tu Qi also issued this honorary certificate to Lamex.  Lamex will continue to play the role of industry benchmark, share insight with industry enterprises, and foster development of the entire furniture industry under the guidance of China Furniture Association.

Lamex was invited to deliver a keynote speech

Ms. Sabrina Lee, Director of Lamex Workspace Design, delivered a keynote speech about "Multi Experiential Workplace" at the main venue on behalf of Lamex.  She pointed out that the development of workplaces in the epidemic era tends to diversify and the functions of the workplace have changed from relatively single to multi-dimensional.  People pay more attention to their workplace experience.  They need to switch quickly and freely between different work scenarios. The three dimensions of "Play", "Work" and "Refresh" complement each other.  Flexible and diverse environment will be increasingly valued.

As the theme of this IFO delivered the message that work task is becoming more and more subdivided, effective collaboration is increasingly required. Flexibility, productivity, collaboration are the key focus in the new office era. Lamex, together with many guests from all over the world, gathered at IFO this time to weave the past and the future, explore multiple dimensions of workspace trends and experiences!