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23 September, 2020


Corporate , Design Trends

Move, Change and Adapt.

The Collaboration of Dynamic Thinking and Unique Designs.

It all shapes the new forms of Office Furniture Solution and Workspace Design.


A = Mr. Marc Fong

Established for more than 40 years, Lamex has never stopped exploring and innovating for the advanced and quality office furniture solutions. The heritage, continuous improvement and adaptation to the ever-changing environment are the power source for Lamex to become the pioneer in the industry. With the focus on quality materials, craftsmanship, the continuous pursuit of innovation and sophisticated designs, Lamex is creating a new shape of modern workplace.

Q: Lamex was established in 1977. Lamex has now become the pioneer in the field of Office Furniture Design, Manufacturing, and Workplace Design. What kind of Lamex’s value do you think it is important for Lamex’s success?

A: I think that customers’ needs are the most important element we have to consider. We need to create a design that is able to solve their problems and to provide customized workplace solutions to satisfy their needs. We ensure quality control and strive to provide reliable services and products for our customers. After all, product design is the core of our solutions. We will consider the cultural needs and usage of the product when we design.

Q: Does the pandemic of COVID-19 cause any threat to Lamex Business? How does it affect the development direction of Lamex?

A: We expect many changes in the future development of workplaces. Lamex is actually a Customer-Oriented Company. Our products are designed and continuously developed to create dynamic workplace solutions for satisfying the dynamic needs of customers. In my opinion, the  future workplaces will get smaller, but the locations will get more. Companies may set up a number of working locations in the city. Each workplace will be smaller, but the space for everyone on average will increase. It will result in a lower cost for physical workplaces, a higher chance for people to work around different locations. Workplaces will become an ecosystem, and companies will pay more attention to improvement of work efficiency.

Q: Can you briefly describe the newly released products of Lamex in 2020?

A: In July, Lamex launched Treehouse, Playces Collection, Duplex, Hockey, which are designed to satisfy different needs. Treehouse is an elaboration of Longhouse which was launched in 2019. Treehouse uses the same round post from Longhouse, branching 3 ways, forming hexagonal workspaces that grow and multiply from 6 facets, creating an organic honeycomb of work cluster. The centre of each configuration has a collaborative area to foster communication and collaboration. The panels provide privacy and social distancing. The greens connect our working areas to create natural environment that makes people feel comfort and calm. Hockey facilitates speed and agility in the workplace. It is designed to support agile teams and active learning needs through a family of mobile elements from ganging desks to writable screens. It disperses and re-groups to quickly curate diverse work micro-environments to match goals and purpose. Duplex is a Height-Adjustable Desk designed to advocate the concept of “Neighbourhood Community”. The switch of seating work mode or standing work mode enables to create a dynamic working environment that foster focus works and collaborations.

Q: Are the new products in 2020 solving any common problem of modern workplace?

A: We have observed that communication is not enough in today’s workplace. Hence, all products by Lamex in recent years are designed to foster communications and collaborations. We introduce the concept of “Neighbourhood Community” to do the trick. On the other hand, Green, health, sustainability and work efficiency are also the topics we care. You can actually find solutions for these issues on our new products.