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12 December, 2019



On November 13, the 2019 Guangdong Manufacturing Development Annual Conference and the Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises Summit of Guangdong Province.

This is an event co-sponsored by the Guangdong Manufacturing Association, the Guangdong Industrial Development Research Institute and the Enterprise Competitiveness Research Center of the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences – took place in Guangzhou.

Lamex and other leading companies including Huawei, Zhengwei, Foxconn and GAC, were recognized as Guangdong’s top 500 manufacturing companies.

Held annually, this year's conference was themed “New Era • New Technology • New Manufacturing”. At the meeting, many government leaders noted that as the pace of industrial was accelerating, Guangdong manufacturers were facing fresh challenges but remained determined to embrace new opportunities.

Lamex was recognized as one of the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong in 2019 due to its all-round strengths.


We worked with international design teams, set up the LAMEX DESIGN LAB and co-create with customers from around the world to provide sustainable product designs and cutting-edge solutions.


In 2018, Lamex invested US$ 20 million to upgrade the Smart Production Center with new German-made automatic production lines, advancing powder spraying lines, a smart material handling systems, a new centralised environmental protection system and a better order processing methodology. We also added efficient loading and unloading platforms as well as technology-enhanced production systems. Our continuing adoption of new technology and automatic manufacturing is driving our efficiency while enhancing our quality to help us deliver better value for our customers.


Lamex operates under a rigorous quality management system that closely monitors and assesses our manufacturing process. We have achieved ISO certification and North American ANSI / BIFMA quality standards and put in place a third agency test room in compliance with the furniture testing standards set forth by the United States ANSI (American National Standard) and the United States BIFMA (American Furniture Association Standards).


We have the ability to quickly respond to the unique needs of each customer, and always ready to  develop tailored solutions adapted to their market dynamics and rapidly growing business needs.


We operate 200 offices across over 20 countries and have the capacity to implement global standards and the expertise needed to help customers with real-time local support and services.

The manufacturing industry is the backbone of our country, as it guarantees its strength while remaining the main area of competition between countries. In 2018, Lamex invested USD 20 million to upgrade Dongguan's Smart Production Center, a segment in which we are leading the country.

As an internationally renowned office furniture brand, Lamex continues to strive for a rapid and continuous improvement. From our new office philosophy of "Leading Into a Smart Future" and our "Neighborhood" emotional design concept to building humanized community products and testing  innovative strategies via our efforts to become a holistic space development provider and an ecosystem builders, Lamex is committed to explore the symbiotic relationship between people, things, and the environment. By evolving to become an all-round provider dedicated to meet the needs of customers, we will deliver inspiring experience and generating positive emotion in tailored to office environments.