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11 March, 2022



From July 26 to 29, 2022, the 2030+ International Furniture Office (IFO) is going to be held in the 49th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou). The IFO is co-organized by the China National Furniture Association and China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd, and it is aimed at exploring and exhibiting the concept of future workplace.

IFO is the abbreviation for International Future Office, representing the spirit of exploring concept, forms and development of the future workplace trends. IFO may also stand for “If office……”, aiming to guide audience to perceive themselves and expand imagination and inspiration of “all possible future workplace”. As positioned as a core event of CIFFs, we sincerely invite you to join our amazing journey in the IFO. This year, IFO is themed as “Hyper Dimensions” to inspire the future workplace development, explore the relationship between human and arts, and shape up the future of our workplace.

The General Secretary of World Furniture Confederation, The Vice President and General Secretary of The Council of Asia Furniture Associations, and The Vice President and General Secretary of China National Furniture Association - Ms. TuQi is the organizer of IFO, alongside with the independent organizer – Ms Lisa Liu as the co-organizer, The Founder of in50 – Mr. Waterson Lam as the space designer, and The Founder of YiJing Cultural Limited – Mr. Wang Chuan as the graphic director.

The IFO exhibition is divided into 3 dimensions to Time, Space and Wisdom. With the evolution of the times, we expect our workplace will go into the hyper dimensions and even Metaverse with the emergence of technologies, emotions and humanity. Workplace is a dynamic system of physics and human, where humans are interacting in a multi-dimensional environment. In 2030, we can expect that our workplace is going to be more digital and artificial.

Lamex participates in IFO exhibition again in this year, creating a multi experience workplace. The workplace concept of Lamex will be illustrated in multi-dimensions to interpret the new forms of workspace.

Lamex actively executed “Leading into a Smart Future” in recent years, and proposed the concepts of  “Creating Neighborhood Workplace” and “Playces” solutions in response to the rapid development of intelligent technology and humanized office space  to meet the needs of people on collaboration, humanized and sustainable environment.  These elements are all coincide with the core concepts of the “Hyper Dimension” and “Intelligence” of IFO.

Lamex’s workplace solutions are designed to facilitate companies to achieve business goals, promote corporate culture and motivate employees.  Lamex values customer opinions and tailor solutions by integrating with clients’ brand, culture, strategies and work modes. Lamex ensures that each customized solution provides the best-fit workplace for clients.

With the globalization, the division of work is going to be more specific and requiring greater depth of collaboration. It will lead to new era for workplace development. Our universe is a system of causes and results. And human is the intelligent creature in this three-dimensional space, travel linearly in time, space and wisdom. In IFO, Lamex will take you for an adventure of the future workplace.  Do not miss this amazing event!  Let us to explore and experience in hyper dimensions together.