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13 July, 2022



From Jun 24 to 25 , the "2022 Huawei Logistics Service Domestic Supplier Conference”was grandly held.  Lamex participated in the event as a supplier of Huawei office furniture.

The main venue of this conference is located in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, Guangdong, with beautiful scenery and is shown the style of a world-class enterprise.

The 2022 Huawei Logistics Service Domestic Supplier Conference invited Huawei's Chief Logistics Officer, Mr. Ren Shulu, to attend. Mr. Ren delivered a warm speech, thanking for Lamex and other supplier representatives for coming to the conference and long-term, strong supporting to Huawei!  Mr. Luo Wencheng, President of Huawei's Logistics Service Department, delivered a keynote speech about "Professionalism, Simplicity, and Efficiency". Mr. Luo elaborated on Huawei's profound understanding of "professionalism, simplicity, and efficiency" that is thought-provoking.

In addition to the main venue in Dongguan, Huawei have also set up venues in Shanghai branch and other places to join the conference together.  Mr. Alex Chan, General Manager of Lamex China, Ivy Hu and Eason Wang from the NKA department were invited to participate in the conference at the Shanghai Huawei branch.

One of the highlights of this conference was the award for the "Golden Supplier of Huawei Logistics Services".  Lamex was once again recognized by Huawei, and it was a great honor to receive this award!

Lamex has made outstanding contributions to the construction of Huawei offices in more than 200 cities across the country in 2021.  Lamex is honor be awarded the only “Gold Supplier”Award.

Lamex has been providing products and services for Huawei since 1998.  It co-created and customized office solutions for Huawei that suit for their different needs, and completed many projects of different scales.  In 2014 and 2021, after two rounds of deployment of Huawei's nationwide network, Lamex provides the highest quality workplace solutions, perfect products and dedicated services to meet customers’ needs.

Lamex has been recognized and appreciated by Huawei again this time, and has also received ardent expectations from customers. In the future, Lamex will be more attentive to the needs of Huawei and other enterprises to keep pace with the times, and create more inspirational, sustainable, efficient and wellness working environment for customers.