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12 June, 2020



“Work From Home” has been a popular social topic since the outbreak of the latest pandemic. For being hard to find the perfect balance between works and lives at home, some people start to long for going back to the office rather than staying home for days. However, when we return to the open workplace that we miss so much, we soon realize that we are actually tired of the unlimited brain storming and the noisy private calls of some colleague from time to time, which makes it so hard for us to focus.

So, it all comes to some question that we should ask. Is the open workplace not the perfect solution? Does the open workplace lack of private space for people? Or should the layout of an open workplace be redesigned?

Before we answer, we first have to understand the style of an open workplace. An Open workplace is designed to satisfy people’s needs for communication, openness and privacy. It is comprised of a series of formal and informal spaces that allows a quick switch between collaboration and focus work. Hence, an open workplace is not just a large area of open workstations designed for saving costs. A satisfactory space planning always requires the integration of scientific developments, design perspectives, corporate culture and development strategies. It all leads to an ideal workplace where people can easily focus, collaborate and rest.

There are still some other questions that corporate concern. How to increase the workplace flexibility to allow quick switch between different work modes? How to create the perfect balance between focus work and collaboration? All these concerns can easily be solved by one single solution – Lumin Phone Booth. Lumin Phone Booth provides a quiet space within the workplace where people can do focus work or rest. It allows people to switch their work modes quickly and increase the work efficiency.


The WELL Building Standard® is a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and wellbeing. One of the criteria is related to sounds. According to the WELL, noise will bring distraction, pressure and risks to people’s health. WELL addresses that a scientific noise control is necessary for all people in a modern workplace. Lumin has an outstanding sound insulation performance and is available in 2 options: Phone Booth for 1 people and Lounge Suite for 2-4 people. According to the latest research about meeting scale in modern workplaces, 80% of the meetings only involve less than 4 people. These options of Lumin are the good fits for the current workplace needs and the frequency of communication between teams. A few steps away from you, Lumin provides a tranquility environment for private meetings, brainstorming with team members, focus work and rests. The versatility of Lumin makes it a perfect solution for the modern world.

Get into Lumin and gently close the door, you will immediately realize that it becomes your private space. When the ventilator and lighting are working properly or close, noise level is 20.4dB(A) and interior noise level is 30.5dB . According to the “Environmental quality standard for noise” by China, the “0” class of the Acoustic Function Area (for Rehabilitation area and other special areas that requires quiet) has a standard day-time requirement of 50dB and night-time requirement of 40dB. Hence, the sound insulation performance of Lumin is very outstanding. The background noise level of Lumin is actually very hard to be noticed by human. It helps people focus work and reinforces privacy.

Because of the use of acoustic panel and silent ventilator, the noise reduction coefficient of Lumin can reach 0.9NRC. Sound attenuation is 41dB(A) for 3 sided glass phone booth and 42.9dB(A) for 2 sided glass phone booth, measured within range of 1.5m outside of door module. It makes it a clear cut for noise between the open area and the inside environment of Lumin.


Last year, a well-known co-working office company dismantled around 1600pcs of phone booths of other brands due to a positive formaldehyde test result. It indicates that sound insulation is not the only measurement for a healthy workplace. To achieve safety level of air quality, Lumin is designed to fulfill the air quality requirements of many domestic and international standards to ensure the healthy working environment.

Lumin phone booth has passed ISO 16000 certification with the TOVC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) less than 0.019 mg/m3 and formaldehyde content level less than 0.005 mg/m3 (0.003ppm). All these figures fulfill the requirements of GREENGUARD, WELL and China Environmental Quality Standard.

Light senor controlled interior lighting and ventilator are automatically activated when people get into Lumin and deactivated when people get out. This smart and environmentally friendly design helps to reduce power consumption and also encourages people to enjoy the quiet moment in Lumin. On the other hand, it fosters people to communicate and collaborate in the other areas of a workplace that improves productivity and attendance.


Most space planning is limited by the physical area. The flexible design and combination of Lumin can perfectly and harmoniously integrated into different sizes of spaces than traditional phone booths which is easier to design an ideal dynamic flow in the workplace. Furthermore, the ultra clear glass of Lumin allows sufficient sun light to provide natural lighting for the interior environment. It creates a very natural and quiet space that brings extraordinary comfort and happiness.

In the digital era and information age, the trait of “Ready to use” is what markets always need. In fact, Lumin only takes 2-3 professional workers to set up in 30 minutes at the fastest. Lumin will be packed in a flat package for ease of transportation.

It is able to spot the user-friendly designs in Lumin. In Lounge Suite, table surface can rotate 360 degree for surface access and leg clearances. Sockets, USB slots and wireless chargers are found under the table and on the sofas. Exterior opaque enameled glass panels presents useful writable vertical surfaces. All these features make Lumin being a dynamic and useful facility for any workplace.

The design of an open workplace is able to foster communications and collaborations, lower corporate costs and retain talents. A satisfactory open workplace design requires the integration of corporate culture, development plans and work modes; and satisfy the employees’ needs for focus works, collaboration and rest. After all, there is no one best solution for all. Sometimes, being suitable will be the best for the corporate. A suitable workplace solution is able to provide suitable supports for employee’s works and lives. Maybe it is not the right time to renovate your whole workplace. But putting the Lumin into your workplace can quickly improve the performance and well-being of employees.  Let’s experience the comfortable environment of Lumin!