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13 May, 2022




“The World Heritage List” includes Fujian Tulou as a world cultural heritage. These “Tulou” are either square or round, mainly round, and scattered like pearls among the green, rivers and mountains in southwest Fujian. Tulou is made of stone and soil as the main raw material. It is rammed in layers and staggered, with bamboo and wood as the skeleton, and the T-shaped intersection is anchored with wood. The 66 meters diameter Jiqing building has reached the age of 600 years old.

Fujian Tulou follows the Oriental philosophy of "the unity of heaven and human". It uses local materials and selects sites along the mountain or along the stream. The architectural style is simple and rough. The form is beautiful and strange. The scale is appropriate. The functions are complete and practical. Complement each other with green mountains, water and pastoral scenery, and form a suitable living environment and a landscape of harmony and unity between human and nature.

There are three main values that can be used for reference in the design and construction of Tulou:

1. It is an ecological building. The materials come from nature. After the wall collapses, the wood decays and returns to the land. Therefore, the construction activities lasting for thousands of years have not caused damage to the ecological environment.

II. The external space of the Tulou is harmoniously integrated with the nature. The mountain, water, road, field and forest are included in the unified planning, creating a harmonious and natural living space. Tulou in various forms are integrated with the beautiful mountains and rivers, giving people a beautiful visual sensation.

3. Tulou embodies the beauty of humanity everywhere. Tulou is a group of buildings related to people by blood. Its internal structure is a completely unblocked space, and the inward opening form is the embodiment of Hakka people's spirit of loving each other, solidarity and intimacy.

The new workplace showroom of Lamex draws on the design essence of Fujian Tulou as a world cultural heritage, and adopts the central architectural shape to symbolize the centripetal and cohesive force of the corporate culture of the company. At the same time, it fully adapts to the development trend of the future worplace: flexibility, inclusiveness, diversification and innovation, etc.

The intimate spirit of Hakka people in Tulou is wonderful for modern workplace. As we all know, the change of work mode, from the simple and single mode of focusing on self-work in the 20th century to the modern diversified mode of work, we pay more attention to flexible cooperation and communication. That is to say, it has changed from focus works to the new work mode which is based on communication and mutual assistance, similar to the neighborhood of Tulou.

Lamex's new workplace showroom has entered a new era of space management - ABW in response to the changes and upgrading of work modes.

ABW refers to activity-based working, which provides employees with more free choices of working methods, focusing on how, when or where to achieve and helping people work more effectively. According to the practice of ABW, people need various working environments, right technology and trust and cooperation to carry out different activities in order to get the best support for their works.

For example, the collaboration area of Lamex's new workplace showroom has more free choices; while the hype learning area provides a variety of work modes for different numbers of people and departments.

The work mode of ABW has been fully adopted to the new Lamex workplace showroom, providing a more flexible and functional office scene. This new work mode not only improves employee satisfaction and engagement, increase the core competitiveness of the enterprise, promote talent management, but also adapt to different enterprise cultures, as well as brand transformation or business model reorganization in line with rapid scientific and technological progress.

The display area of the new workplace showroom can also allow visitors to easily try out products. Lamex hopes to present a modern workplace with friendliness, emotional connection and being conducive to cooperation and communication, so that people can work happily and enjoy the beauty of office life.


The new workplace showroom is not only committed to creating a multi-dimensional workplace to meet office needs, but also to adapt to the changes of work mode driven by the epidemic era. The epidemic that began in 2020 has made most enterprises around the world try the possibility of hybrid work mode. According to the survey released by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 79% of employees are willing to work remotely, and 65% of employees want to work more freely and have more intelligent workplaces.

The whole world is gradually considering and adapting to the new trend of Distributed Office Working. With social development, business and operation are diluted to everywhere, and enterprise operation has to adopt the Decentralized Distributed Working. Moreover, due to the advancement of technology, the communication and cooperation problems between various offices / branches can be effectively solved by intelligent hardware and software.

In office, the development and application of many intelligent technologies can help office workers improve their cognitive, social and emotional abilities. People come together to express thinking, sharing, mutual motivation and other interactions, so as to work efficiently and create value.

Therefore, the “Leading into a Smart Future” advocated by Lamex perfectly conforms to the trend of the epidemic era and the post epidemic era, and further puts forward the concept of creating "

Neighborhoods" in modern workplace, which is not only a combination of Chinese and Western cultures, but also globalized.

The design of Shanghai workplace showroom is a comprehensive embodiment of the workplace concept of Lamex, which mainly has the following three main characteristics:

The workplace strategy is through spatial data collection and analysis, to gain insight into user needs and pain points, and to customize and rationalize the smart workspaces. It is the core advantage of Lamex. The former Lamex Shanghai workplace showroom was in Raffles City, Changning. Lamex design team carried out the space usage data collection and analysis, and scientifically and accurately analyzed the total number of workstations in the original and new workplace. Then, according to the workplace strategy, Lamex formulated and generated the most suitable solution for Lamex's current situation and future development trend.

It can be seen that the new Lamex Workplace Showroom has gone through multi-dimensional research on office conditions, combined with intelligent office data, analyzed problems, and then put forward solutions, guided the transformation of the working mode of the whole company, realized the optimal and rational allocation of resources, and finally formed today's intelligent workplace.

In addition, the iterative update of the office work mode is also reflected in the intelligent functions such as booking system. The new Lamex workplace showroom also applies a large number of novel cutting-edge technologies in the aspect of "intelligence". The reservation, cancellation and status indication of conference rooms and shared workspace are unique.

In order to carry forward the "Smart Era", Lamex strives for more and better function choices, such as supporting booking system on Web and mobile terminals, electronic maps based on equal proportion, mobile terminals can be integrated into third-party platforms, etc., which can be operated and demonstrated on site for each visitor in the new workplace showroom.

So, if you cannot visit the new Lamex Workplace Showroom because of the epidemic or other reasons, there is another way for you to simply enjoy the way of "Leading into a Smart Future”.  Lamex provides every customer with virtual tour of the workplace showroom. Just scan the QR code, then you can stay home and feel like you are in the workplace showroom with us!