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4 May, 2022



In the area of the emergence of Chinese culture and technologies, MeiXun in Anhui was established in 2009. Over the past 13 years, as a dealer of Lamex, they have developed at high speed. This year, they worked with HQGK Design to create a new Lamex workplace centre in Hefei.

The new Lamex Workplace is blended with Chinese culture. According to the ancient Chinese mystic signs, information can be hidden from the digits and symbols. In the mystics of digits from 1 to 9 in a grid whether it is vertical, horizontal, oblique, the sums of different directions are equal to 15. But the ancient people did not know that this ancient concept would be the “Magic Square” in modern mathematics.  On the order hand, many scholars has studied and found that the “Magic Square” is actually knowledge of ancient Chinese people and confirm it as milestone of ancient Chinese civilization.

MeiXun believes that the pattern of “Magic Square” can be used as an inspiration for the design of the new Lamex Workplace Centre. The “Magic Square” contains different mathematic rules that can generate new concepts for modern workplaces. Like maths, areas can be combined and remain independent from each other. This concept is an ideal illustration for the post-epidemic work modes. On the layout design, the digital separation method of array is used at the entrance and exit. With the pattern of linear lights, it leads people into the environment to find out a new concept of workplace.

In Chinese tradition, the digit of “8” represents the god of wealth. Thus, the designer place the executive room and accounting department in the “8” area, symbolizing the wealth of the company. The main entrance is also located on the golden section, representing the beauty of the mainstream of Chinese culture – the golden mean.

On the right-hand side of the layout, there is the pantry. The ceiling lighting creates a linear and peaceful sensation of the room, symbolizing the new work mode and ways of thinking of the new generations. All the designs are blended with mathematics to be precise and accurate, enriching the contents of the environment and thoughtful furniture space planning.

In the modern workplace, people need to work individually and collaborate with others. In the digital era, people also require remote working. Equality, Independent and Collaborations work modes become the fundamental elements of our lives and works. In the collaborative workplace, we can now share, work, create and communicate, which is beneficial for modern companies.

This Lamex Workplace Centre is the result of Chinese traditional wisdom and culture. It satisfies the needs for a modern workplace and the needs of mobile working. The dynamic layout blends with mathematics and modern workplace solutions.  Flexible space planning highlights the people-oriented company culture, which is the ideal solution for the post-epidemic period.

With the use of natural lighting and board window panels, the new Lamex Workplace Centre instills the concept of “Leading into a smart future” of Lamex. The collaborative work area is designed to break through boundaries to foster communication, collaboration and the perfect work-life-balance. A modern workplace is also aimed at encouraging people to be creative and execute in a creative way.

MeiXun has provided workplace solutions for more than hundreds of local companies. They have a great team equipped with the systems of layout design, sales, operations and installations to quickly provide customers with pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services. Like Adhering to Lamex brand, they are dedicated in providing quality workplace solutions in Auhui province, and satisfying the needs of customers for the smart workplace.