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4 May, 2020



The new workforce is those young people born in 90s. This group of young people are always the advocators for “Living for today”. However, their mindset is going to change when they grow older and being more mature as well as the unexpected circumstances happened in 2020.  A latest research finds that 71.8% of the 90s people worry about the risks of their “future” and they start to consider of buying insurances to pursue their own quality life without any worries.


AIA Group is a hundred years old legendary brand in insurance industry and a very renowned company across the globe. AIA is the largest Life Insurance Company in Asia Pacific region, and is one of the Top 500 Brand in the world in 2020. AIA China was established in China in 1992 and started their Shanghai foundation in the same year. As a multinational company originated in China, AIA has been working with Lamex for more than 20 years. From the traditional office cubicle layout to the open and collaborative workplace, Lamex and AIA witnessed the workplace evolution. Let’s us show you the transformation of AIA workplace between 2010 and 2020.


In 2010, Lamex was the first company to launch the thin-thick styled panel and square-shaped table leg, and AIA was the first company to use the product. The thin-thick styled panels of Rateo & Rondo collection by Lamex optimized the corridor utilization and satisfied the needs for cable management. The systems optimized the overall space utilization, improved work efficiency and adapted to their business development.

The modular training desk system makes reasonable use of limited space. It enabled different configurations for different activities and parallel stacking for better storage. Since then, modular furniture solution becomes the popular trend for corporate due to its flexibility and convenience of reconfigurations.


With the growth of AIA’s business, Lamex have transformed AIA’s workplace in their new location, where is located the heart of CBD between Suzhou Creek, North Sichuan Road and Zhapu Road, confronting to the Bund and Huangpu River.

Cutting-edge ecological technology is used throughout the whole workplace, bringing balance for health, comfort, and efficiency. The façade is composed of small panes, which is called “Windows of the world”, and is inspired by the design of classic pane architecture.

Avail Bench is used to create workstations in the workplace. Each workstation is comprised of Bench and desktop frameless screen. The Avail Open Office Solution is a complete solution of modular design. The components are carefully designed for the ideal workplace.  Its flexibility allows quick meetings and collaborations. To improve the comfort of employees at work and reduce fatigue, all staff chairs are equipped with headrests.  Each workstation is also equipped with a Privi mobile cabinet to satisfy employees’ needs for personal storage.

Verta is used as the office chair for employees in this office.  Its aesthetic shape, clean and stylish look presents harmonious and energetic atmosphere in the workplace, while its ergonomic design provides great comfort for people and make people relieve from fatigue and pressure in order to ensure work efficiency. That is why Verta is the perfect choice in modern workplace.


AIA has a very special R&D department. The employees in this department are creative, independent and have personalized characteristics. Lamex designs and customizes a special workplace solution according to customer needs. Like oval-shaped benches with large cabinet underneath and S-shaped panel workstations with the passionate red color present the beauty of curve and provide ease of storage. All setup are designed to inspire people and foster creativity.


Our working needs are always changing. Collaborative and Leisure areas are in greater demands. And more companies put these types of areas in their workplace to provide a balance between works and life for their employees in an attempt to maximize their work efficiency. Not only that, companies can give autonomy to employees to make their own work plan and choose their favourite workplace.

When companies take seriously on work-life balance for employees, employees can truly enjoy life and work more effective.  Add more spacious collaborative and resting areas in the workplace. People can put pressure aside, relieve work fatigue and The Meta cabin enriches the collaborative areas to be fresh, natural and fashionable, giving a pleasant feeling in the workplace.

The AIA’s workplace has witnessed and experienced the transformation of modern workplaces. From the traditional cubicle to collaborative workplace, we can see that companies are increasingly pursuing work efficiency, better services and greater comfort. According to the latest figure, “millennials” (those born between 1984 -2000) comprises 1/3 of the entire workforce, and become the core and backbone of most industries. Compared to the older generations, “millennials” have more demands on details of the working environment. Rather than only having their physical need satisfied by a bunch of desks and chairs, they need a versatile, comfortable, efficient and dynamic workplace, in which they can chase for a perfect work-life balance.