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Product description

The perfect office chair is not easy to find. It comes down to a blend of comfort, convenience and style. The chair not only last, but also offer true value for money. Ease chairs make things easy and find the ideal balance, through an ergonomic design that keeps your staff forever satisfied.

Ease chairs present a cohesive, contemporary design that is simple to complement with every type of furniture. The chairs allow your team to move around in effortless coordination for any modern office setting. When it comes to open-space seating, Ease allows for aesthetic harmony.


Colour options




Material Options

Please contact with Lamex Service Personnel for the complete color selection of Ease


Blue F014
Green F015
Grey F013
Red F012
White F016


Green (MC03)
Red (MC02)
White (MC04)

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Mainland China:

(86) 400 6868 073
(86) 800 8206 073

Hong Kong and Rest of Asia:

(852) 2828 6000

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