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8 July, 2020


Consumer Products

Workspace type:
Work , Meeting , Collaborative

Products used in this project:
Longhouse , Ingage Sofa , Please , Meta Cabin , Perch , Lumin , Tria Conference

“Carlsberg” is a renowned brand of quality beer in the world. It has great heritage in beer brewing while it was founded in 1847 in Denmark. In order to survive and compete with other strong brands in the market for so long, Carlsberg is always very active in marketing to keep their brand “Young” and “Active” as always.

In different parts of the world, we can see lots of marketing campaigns of Carlsberg. Some campaigns are globalized while some campaigns are greatly localized to fit different local markets. Despites of different scales of the campaigns, Carlsberg is always able to create a strong brand image in the mind of local customers. In order to support the creativity and energy of different successful campaigns, Carlsberg always encourages their people to think outside the box. One of their methods is to provide a collaborative workplace which fosters collaboration and communications among people.

In their new workplace in Hong Kong, we can see that “Communication” and “Collaboration” are the key elements they are advocating for their employees. The majority of the workplace is comprised of benches and collaborative areas, where they encourage people to choose where to work and work freely, instead of having people stay in a particular workstation.

Longhouse benches can be used as an area for people to work individually and collaborate with colleagues. A multi section of Longhouse benches without panels are set up in the centre of the workplace, which allows people to choose which seat to take and collaborate with teams without any barrier. Longhouse benches are surrounded by lots of collaborative furniture, like Ingage sofas, high tables and please chairs, and Meta cabin. It creates a large collaborative area for employees to work, socialize, brainstorm, meet and rest.

Other collaborative areas can be found on the other side of the workplace. There are Perch sofa next to the windows to create meeting and resting areas for employees and guests. If it is necessary for employees to have private calls or a quiet moment for focusing their work, they can go into the Lumin Phone Booth to enjoy their privacy.

In the modern workplace, some people always worry about the lack of the privacy. However, in a good workplace, privacy is never compromised for collaboration and communication. Carlsberg understands that privacy has to be reserved for some particular tasks and departments. Avail workstations with frameless screens are set. The frameless screen creates a sense of protection and privacy, and help people focus on their personal tasks. On the other hand, the frameless screens will also reserve openness for employees, which may encourage people to communicate with their team members.

In this project, Carlsberg utilizes Lamex design and develops a customized series of cabinet to satisfy their demands for storage. Storage areas are relatively easy to be found in their workplace, meeting rooms, work areas, collaborative areas and corridors.

Meetings rooms in different scales allow employees to use for small group meetings, brainstorming, video conferencing and trainings. Tria and Avail meeting tables create practical and comfortable meeting environments.

Carlsberg believes that keeping their brand “Young” and “Active” is always one of their key assets and one of the top elements for competing in the market. They make use of a modern workplace which fosters communications and collaborations, to keep their employees refreshed and active, and fuel up their brand image. Carlsberg also understands the importance of keeping a perfect balance between privacy and collaboration. Hence, they make use of different configurations of workstation, bench, sofa, cabinet and phone booth to satisfy their employees’ needs for activity-based working, which had set up a perfect workplace guide for modern corporate.