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19 June, 2020

CLP “powers” up energetic workplace

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Workspace type:
Work , Meeting , Collaborative

Products used in this project:
Avail Bench , Avail Height-Adjustable Desk , Cube , Commons , Surrounds

CLP is a well-known company with great heritage. As incorporated in 1901 and an electric company in Hong Kong, its core business covers generation, transmission, and retailing of electricity. Since late 1970s, they have expanded outside Hong Kong. Their business has now already covered Australia, India, Mainland China, Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

For global companies like CLP, they understand that people are always the key for the corporate success. Different generations always have different needs. Young employees are no longer willing to stay in a workstation and behind panels. Instead, they demand a dynamic workplace in which they can share, collaborate, rest.

CLP values the contributions of their employees. In order to foster collaboration between people and cope with the corporate global expansion, CLP has continuously renovated their workplaces in different cities and countries. In this article, we will review the renovation story of CLP’s Hong Kong office. You will be able to see how CLP adapts to the latest trend of modern workplace to create a dynamic workplace where people can collaborate, work and live.

“Open”, “Flexibility” & “Collaborative” are the keywords of the design of CLP new workplace.  It aims to foster communication among employees and so create an energetic and productive workplace.  A large open area with an open-and-collaborative furniture solution allows employees to change their working activities quickly.  The workplace balances privacy and collaboration, enables work efficiency and fosters productivity. It also provides high degree of flexibility to adapt to their evolving business changes.

Avail benches and Height-adjustable benches provide focus work environment for employees, while a variety of meeting areas with different collaborative furniture are placed besides workstations to support instant meetings.  Commons high table is used for open discussion and team meeting. Meta cabin is used for private meetings. Some other collaborative areas are comprised of lounge sofa and Ingage sofa which can be used for social chatting, resting and quick meetings.

Ingage sofa and individual lounge chairs along windows creates a leisure environment for resting and social chatting. Employees can take a cup of coffee, enjoy the beautiful harbor view, relax and recharge in these areas.

Considering employees sometimes need private time and quiet space, some private areas along windows have been set up with Phone booth and Individual Surrounds booth. Employees can sit inside individual Surrounds booth to concentrate on their work.  When they would like to have a phone call or host a private meeting with 2-4 team members, phone booth will be a good choice of facility to satisfy the needs.

A variety of meeting rooms with collaborative furniture or meeting tables are used for small group meetings, brainstorming, video conferencing and trainings.

CLP values the health of employees. Ergonomic chair is one of the most direct ways to provide health support for employees. Relate with headrest chair supports employees’ all day work and provides a healthy and comfortable sitting experience.

By using different sets of collaborative furniture solutions, Lamex helps CLP create a modern workplace. The communications and collaborations between employees foster creativity, which helps the corporate to cope with the challenges in the market and build a brighter future with their great heritage.