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Co-Giant is a famous Chinese Textile Company in Yangzhou, China. With the rapid local development and the expansion into the global market, they have established a new headquarters and created a modern workplace to improve the work and lives of their employees. In the new workplace, thanks to Lamex, they now have plenty of collaborative areas, resting areas, focus-works areas and meeting areas, to support their daily activities and satisfy their needs.

Space Design & Office Furniture:

An open area made of Envolve desk without panels enables freely communication among staffs, while the side storage provides capacity for filing and staff belongings.

Avail Standing Bench allows employees to work in a sit or standing position, which provides a healthier working environment for the employees.

The collaborative areas are comprised of many new collaborative furniture: Perch sofa, Sven lounge chair, Please chair, Ingage sofa and Meta sofa, supporting a lively meeting and social networking function.

Movable Limber Table in the training room can easily reconfigure and support daily training activities.

Mant-o chair and Avail Bench are used in the dining and resting area to allow employees to meal and rest in a comfortable environment.

Mondeno executive chair, Relate multi-purpose chair and Avail Bench are selected in the meeting areas to support different meetings purposes.


Open workspace fosters communication and productivity.

Fosters efficiency with activity-based working.

Flexibility of reconfiguration can address the evolving change of work activities and long-term business needs.