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25 July, 2017


Other Sectors

Workspace type:
Work , Private , Meeting

Products used in this project:
Array , Verta , Monitor Arm , Avail Height-Adjustable Desk , Arctia Table

HKTV is a newly created media group in Hong Kong. They have recently moved into a new tower where their studios, offices and warehouses are located. HKTV is positioned as a new and dynamic media provider. In their office, they need open and creative workplaces to inspire workers to provide amazing products for customers and audiences.

Space Design & Office Furniture:

  • The Avail HAD provides a healthier working environment while it allows people to work in the most comfortable position.
  • The ergonomic task chairs and executive chairs provide enhanced comfort, health, and productivity for employees.


  • The height-adjustable desks allow staffs to perform their work in the most comfortable position during the daily work, ensuring their comfort and productivity.
  • The ergonomic chairs provide comfort and better physical support to improve the work environment for employees and improve productivity.