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7 August, 2019


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Workspace type:
Work , Private , Meeting , Learning , Collaborative

Products used in this project:
Avail Bench , Meta , Limber , Limber Table

MENARINI is the leading Italian pharmaceutical company in the world. Over the past years, they have been rapidly developing their markets in China. Recently, they have moved into a new office and want to turn it into a workplace that has the perfect balance between people’s privacy and communication. Given the versatility of Lamex workplace solution, Lamex creates a workplace that allows people to focus on their personal tasks, but also encourages people to communicate and interact, which satisfied the needs of the client.

Space Design & Office Furniture:

Avail L-shaped Bench creates high-quality workstation to support employees’ focus works. The L-shape design also provides sufficient working spaces for employees.

Executive rooms feature with executive desk that are made of quality materials and simplicity style, to create steady and elegant look and feel.

In the meeting rooms, Limber multi-purpose chair and Limber training table support different types of meetings and trainings. Its mobility and flexibility enables to change to different layouts to suit for the different activities.

Meta sofas create collaborative areas nearby workstation for quick meetings and daily interactions.


The versatility of Avail Solutions supports the dynamic development of the company.

Balance privacy & collaboration; Improve efficiency and productivity.