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20 June, 2018

Nikkie Games

IT & Telecom

Workspace type:
Work , Meeting , Learning

Products used in this project:
Tiro , Envolve Connected Office , Media Center , Avail Bench

Nikki Games is a renowned technology company in China focusing on the development of popular online games. Its headquarters is located in Suzhou, China. The development of online games is a complex task which requires professional knowledge and creativity. Hence, Nikki Games requires a workplace in which their employees can relax and feel unrestrained to collaborate and create. Lamex’s Open Workplace Solution provides a modern and open workplace, which includes a number of collaborative areas.

Space Design & Office Furniture:

  • An open area created with Avail Bench and a frameless panel provide more light and space for workers. It also entices people to communicate and collaborate.
  • The ergonomic task chairs and executive chairs provide enhanced comfort, health, and productivity for employees.


  • The versatility of Avail Solutions supports the dynamic development of the company.
  • The open and spacious areas inspires the creativity of workers which enhance their work-life balance.
  • The ergonomic chairs provide comfort and better physical support to improve the work environment for employees and improve productivity.