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7 August, 2019

Shimao Group-Mao Space

Other Sectors

Workspace type:
Work , Private

Products used in this project:
Avail Bench , Villa

This project is another typical project reference to explain the design of a modern workplace that entices communications and interactions. This modern workplace is filled up with transparency to project the concept of free communications. The division of function rooms is finished by glass panels, which provide enough privacy for the professional works of employees while providing enough natural lighting into the interior as well. The use of glass panels allow people to visualize most of the activities in the workplace, which encourages people to share and communicate. Also thanks to Lamex modern workplace solutions, its open workplace design entices communications and interactions between employees. All of these together make it a perfect workplace that most cosmopolitans are looking for.

Space Design & Office Furniture:

The open area made of Avail Bench with frameless screens, create a transparent and open environment that enhance collaborations.

The use of Villa Task chair provides ergonomics support for all employees.


Space utilization efficiency and flexible reconfiguration address the evolving change of business needs.

Enhance openness and employee connectivity.

Open workplace enables the ease of communication and flexibility of changing work modes.