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Kindly complete the enquiry form below for repair and maintenance services. Our customer service representatives will contact you via email within the next working day and will arrange follow up actions accordingly. If the service location is outside of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, please email our customer service team directly at [email protected].

Statement of disposal for the products out of warranty:
If you have any products that are out of warranty period and need to be scrapped, you can dispose them by following the guidance below:
1.    Handle them by yourself. Reassemble or re-make them for other usages.
2.    Send them to the recycle station to be disposed by professionals.
In order to avoid polluting the environment or affecting the safety of our life & work, please don't burn or litter the out of warranty products. The disposal of the products must comply with the national regulations in order to protect the earth we all live in.
For more information of Lamex Warranty, please check out our WARRANTY POLICY

For the regular maintenance of your favourite Lamex's products. Lamex has also created " Product Guide and Care " for your reference.

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  • Invoice No. (Serial number starting with “9”) e.g. 90265070

Inspection fees may be applied if proof of purchase is not provided.


File size below 2MB each. Alternatively, images can be emailed to [email protected].

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